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Full Dilation and Complete Contraction

Full Dilation and Complete Contraction  is a time/space specific installation of individual works in painting, video and print mounted on acrylic panel that address issues of light and reflections as perceived phenomena. The work is installed in my current SVA MFA Fine Arts studio #828. It offers an immersive experience that situates the viewer inside a curated arrangement of static and time-based images I control within the actual light and reflection conditions of the studio.


My work uses the basic components of visual perception: light, shadow and reflection to test our collective awareness of these simple phenomena in a world collapsed by endless immersion in digital screen spaces. “Screen-time” provides only illusionistic space within. The device emits light, rather than absorbs it, providing only a reflection in real space. Through my use of light and its capacity to describe space,  I invoke the riches in everyday life. For example, I relate to the studio space: the harsh luminosity of track  lights and the reflective glass of the hallway windows  are elements present throughout work. These moments I study and represent through multiple media function as a metaphor for the complicated relationship that humans have with the concept of reality in the 21 st century. 


I am fascinated by how reflections feel incredibly real yet are objectively distorted at the same time. For me this feeling is associated with how I experience space and myself as a person that lives in between the online and offline worlds. In my work, illumination and reflections overlap or distort spaces and figures questioning the viewer’s perception of reality. 

Right Wall
Left Wall
Center Wall
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