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I make paintings to confront the complexity of contemporary existence across virtual and physical spaces. I paint reflections as a metaphor to visualize the mirror world of social media. A world where reality and mediation can't be visually discerned. Layers of mediation overlap; their subtlety more and more refined makes the already porous boundaries between physical and digital disappear, leaving us, the users, blind to the frames between these worlds.

My work is preceded by photographic research. I collect and take pictures everyday of what surrounds me to build an archive of data that gets reframed on canvas. The paintings are figurative while resisting narrative. They variate in scale from intimate to architectural, to play with the promise of reality that life size dimension provides. The ephemerality of our sense of reality is translated into thin layers of oil paint and washed out palette. As a result the subject lack stability and the viewer's eyes can't rely on it. The work poses unsolvable questions around reality and identity, widening the conversation on contemporary visual culture.


N3 (Out&In; In&Out; Front) Installation model

N3 (Out&In; In&Out; Front), 3 channel video, variable dimentions